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Dec 6, 2013 10:00am PST
joining the ttp and what should be taxed at twelve mm the timing of the time. p p p p souls willingness to going ppp is somewhat precarious. korea will need two weeks. negotiation of a circle for by the end of this year. which means that khairy you would not be at the bargaining table to determine the terms of that agreement. continue to move very carefully and we have to hold judgment on this weeks until the agreement comes out cd with the terms of those agreements are and what the impact a week before the korean economy. even after the agreement is madeon process. and we know from experience that that's another huge hurdle. a long way to go. i thank you very much dr cam for joining us to an end in sight and i think each. the stair well. the ice in under an hour in her first petition since returning from injury. she's expected to show off some new moves stephen kaye joins us with a preview. hey guys the figure skating queen is getting ready to make her season debut at the golden state of the great intro it's up for sale until her initial progress. now it's a highly anticipa
Dec 4, 2013 11:30am PST
times will be the ministry's tax inspection priorities for next year the three homes will be the first targets including hundred fifty elect republicans in taipei city the ministry of finance the will look closely into those cases for possible attacks the basics luxury houses including treasure paris and eating parity in taipei city. armaan ministry of finance has pressed her against protect inspection next year. the ministry had snakes have a city that demonstration area to reinforce the tax inspection commentary housing including hundred and fifty acre luxury houses more than three thousand two hundred households in the city the ministry blog look closely into the transaction records have the luxury houses in the past two years to see if there were attacks the patients. ministry of finance as first break it includes houses over eighteen million and he carries with a kinda price hurt pain at over one kneeling and nt dollars what if the houses over eighty teens. over seventy percent of households requirements. the building would be categorized as a luxury housing luxury homes inc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2